Postgraduate Diploma
in Sports Analytics,
Technology and Innovation

Bringing You To The Cutting Edge Of SportsTech

Ireland has a dynamic and growing SportsTech sector, with Foreign Direct Investment and local companies creating exciting innovations and revenue opportunities. 

Sportstech in Ireland is fueled by advances in technology that are creating new solutions for sports. From data mining, to advanced analytics, the Internet of Things and 5G to create business value from data. 

‘The intersection of sport and technology presents an exciting range of career opportunities for commercial, technical and sports professionals in Ireland.’ Maire Hunt

To support innovation in the SportsTech industry we are also innovating in education by creating the first international Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Sports Analytics, Technology and Innovation, created by the Sports and Technology sectors and delivered by Ireland’s largest Technological University.

This groundbreaking programme is the first to embrace the intersection of Sport and Technology. It will equip you and your organisation with a thorough understanding of the sports technology and sports analytics landscape and how best to leverage it.

It is tailored for executives, business leaders, data professionals, sports management professionals, and decision-makers in sports-related enterprises, and will create a unique international community of practice across the SportsTech verticals which are primed for accelerated growth.

"When people hear the words sports data and analytics, they normally picture heart rate monitors and match day stats. The reality is that for every pitchside analyst, there are 2 or 3 times more looking at commercial data and fan behaviour trends."

Grainne Barry, Stats Perform, 2023.

The Postgraduate Diploma is delivered over 12 months with a part-time curriculum to suit busy full-time professionals. It is aimed at professionals who want to expand their knowledge of those sports tech sub-sectors or verticals primed for dynamic growth.  

The programme development has been led by a partnership of thought leaders from the Sports and Technology sectors with over 80 companies in Ireland already leading the established Sportstech cluster in Ireland. The faculty combines experts from sports science, technology, business and data science education, and has an unrivalled international adjunct faculty of consultants and experts from highly developed SportsTech markets.



We aim to build nothing less than a new community of Irish SportsTech leaders. Peer connections and shared ambitions will not only drive learning but will help fuel Ireland’s position as a global leader in Sports Technology as that community goes on to lead the workforce.

Sponsoring employees on the postgraduate diploma in SportsTech Analytics, Technology and Innovation will deliver improved business outcomes by cultivating leading-edge skills and, during the course of the programme, applying those to complex tasks and challenges in the workplace -  supported by expert faculty.   

Our faculty consists of leading researchers, educators and practitioners providing practical insights in SportsTech analytics and innovation that participants can apply in their day to day work.  

The programme will deliver real-time, measurable outcomes for participants and their organisations including:  


The programme is suitable for professionals with a number of years experience in Sports Technology, Sporting Organisations, Technology Organisations involved with Sports or Sports Technology, Emerging Sportstech companies, and Technology professionals with a love for sports, who would like to progress a career in this growing field. The programme is at Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), and as such, applicants are expected to have an appropriate qualification at Level 8 (Honours Degree Level). Candidates who do not meet the standard entry requirements will be considered for entry with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Candidates will be required to submit a CV outlining professional experience along with qualifications held.


"We’re blessed with a tech savvy talent pool and a tech hub that the top five tech companies call home. We’re ready to become the next powerhouse thanks to workers with a deep passion for sport coupled with a digital mindset.”

Máire Hunt Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet


This course is 50% funded by the Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet for professionals working in companies based in the South of Ireland. Eligibility criteria apply.


Full Programme Fee €7,600
Special 50% funding available for eligible professionals in 2024
Reduced participant cost €3,800


One day per month on-campus and two early evenings per month online. 
12 months intensive part-time programme APRIL 2024 - APRIL 2025


For further details on fees and how to apply, programme costs and dates please contact

The Postgraduate Diploma in SportsTechnology, Analytics and Innovation is a joint initiative of the Technological University Dublin Enterprise Academy, Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet and SportsTech Ireland.